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The Mission


As the youth ministry of The Rock Church, The Rock Group Youth Community (TRGYC) exists to create an environment that encourages young people and students in Middle School/Jr. High, High School, College and Career to develop a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, and with other believers.


As a young person or parent, if you are serious about your (or your student's) faith in and relationship with God, then please take a moment to read on. First, let us attempt to answer the question that you are hopefully asking before your next visit: 'Why does OUR youth ministry exist?' You've already read our mission statement - but there's more to youth ministry than can be summed up in a few words.

There are some basics fundamental to youth ministry. TRGYC understands that every young person needs safety and security, belonging and acceptance, recognition and respect, purpose and fulfillment. However, these are needs that can also be met to a degree outside the church through secular programs. So, why does youth ministry exist then? Good question, keep reading.

Most secular programs are monetarily driven and based on residual retention. Youth ministry is eternity driven and based on connecting young people to the Kingdom of Heaven. So, youth ministry must be more than just an attempt to get youth off of the streets. It must be more than a Friday night alternative to the local YMCA, Boys or Girls Club, High School or College football game. It must be more than just free young adult-daycare provided so parents can enjoy a date out on the town alone. While youth ministry often includes these aspects and can be all of these things, it must be more than a religious attempt at social reform IF the goal of youth ministry is to produce real, lasting, life-long and eternal change.

Every service, event, activity and ministry opportunity created by TRGYC revolves around the core understanding that there is no safety and security like the salvation Jesus made possible for all of us by His death on the Cross. The environment created by TRGYC is based on the knowledge that there is no belonging or acceptance that compares to being part of the body of Christ, that is a community of believers in Him. TRGYC attempts to lead by example and demonstrate that the greatest recognition and respect one could achieve is born out of a real, personal relationship with God. Lastly, it is TRGYC's belief that the ultimate sense of purpose and foremost feeling of accomplishment only comes through faithful obedience to the timeless truths that are found in the Bible.

While we cannot answer for other youth ministries, we will have to someday give an account for ourselves - and for the influence, or lack thereof, we were able to have on the lives of every single young person we came in contact with. While we take youth ministry that seriously, we also make a lot of memories sharing great times and loads of fun together in a variety of venues. Living for God as a young person ROCKS! As a result, TRGYC is becoming an icon in the greater Sacrament area for youth spiritual an social development. I invite you to check out our events calendar, also available here on the site.

Thanks for caring, thanks for reading - and thanks for stopping by.